Main outcomes

SWAN project will deliver outputs which are all related with CBC structures and networks in the field of maritime mobility and transport. In particular, the following project outputs are expected to be delivered:

  • 8 Small seaplanes infrastructures (water aerodromes); 3 in Diapontia Islands, 1 in Corfu & Paxos Ports, 1 in Taranto port, 1 in Gallipoli port & 1 in Nardo Port, including 8 Mini terminals (On Diapontia Islands will be installed pre-fabricated mini-terminals
  • 1 Website/platform providing updated info for weather and sea forecas
  • 1 Joint Communication plan
  • 1 Final Conference in Corfu
  • Training & Education programme
  • 1 Legal Framework study in Greece & Italy
  • Evaluation Reports
  • Extensive Light & Commercial seaplane Flight Tests in all the involved Ports
  • 1 Joint Sustainable Mobility Plan
  • 1 Joint Governance Plan
  • 1 Joint Commercial Plan
  • 8 Environmental Impact & Noise Abatement Assessments
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