SWAN project aims to exploit a replicable aviation treasure, demonstrating major advantages to all coastal – remote and non – inside the Programme Area and EU overall. The project will practically develop, implement and establish concrete seaplane infrastructures within Ports and other marine-coastal areas. The project will support the multimodal integration and interconnection of transport modes; particularly the use of amphibious aircrafts will enable direct connections heavily boosting maritime transport. This enhances synergetic approaches between sea shipping and cross border ferry connections, as remote coastal – and non coastal – areas (e.g. Paxoi) will easily approach key Ports (e.g. Corfu) that are closer to key motorways of the sea and therefore facilitate their interconnection with other remote areas. The land infrastructures, with the establishment of mini-terminals, will provide additional services to passengers, tourists and inhabitants, providing different types of connections to the destination areas; further the project will provide training schemes as well as policy, regulatory and legal updates improving the cross-border co-ordination among transport stakeholders and addressing the local transport needs through multimodal and environment friendly solutions.

Swan project contributes to the Programme’s Specific Objective 3.1 “Boosting maritime transport, short- sea shipping capacity and cross- border ferry connectivity”. Further, it is highlighted that this water-aerodromes related project, is submitted in accordance with PA 3 and the above-mentioned SO 3.1, it is also in line with SO 3.2 (Improving cross-border coordination among transport stakeholders on introducing multimodal environmentally- friendly solutions).

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