18 February 2021

Meetings for scheduling the Test Flights in Swan Water Aerodromes

A round of virtual meetings have been organised by the Municipality of Nardo (PB5) in February with experts of Swan Water Aerodromes and local aviation & maritime authorities in order to schedule the Test Flights in the Water Aerodromes of Gallipoli, Taranto, Corfu, Paxoi and Diapontian Islands. The meetings will be completed the upcoming weeks and the demo-flights are expected to be conducted during March and April 2021. During the test-Flights, a survey will be implemented, testing safety and environmental issues. Main topics of the agenda were:

⦁ Management of institutional relations and communications at local level:
⦁ Harmonisation of aerial traffic and security for seaplane operations in the involved ports
⦁ Harmonisation with commercial or cruise maritime traffic of seaplane flotation and take-off and in-water flotation path for the approach to the pontoon.
2.            Need for assistance of an air dinghy for ditching operations (during flight test operations). These operations could also be carried out with the support of the harbour master’s office.
3.            Need for radio contact on a dedicated aeronautical MHz frequency with the control tower of local Airports.
4.            Identification if the Port Authorities has an aeronautical radio and can be in radio contact on the same frequency with the control tower and the pilots of the seaplanes. Alternatively, it will be necessary to establish radio contact on marine vhf channel.
5.            Site plan and ship point with ditching coordinates of the 8 water aerodromes.
6.            Identification whether the testing aircraft will be allowed to ditch within the harbour.
7.            Identification of slipways in the ports for possible refuelling and not resorting to refuelling at the Airport in order to reduce flight time and hours.
8.            Identification if the pontoon in use for docking is fenced in with horizontal wings, and assistant for the safety of third parties, things and people, with the delimitation to transit only to authorized personnel.

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