SWAN project

Project Implementation Period: 01/01/2018 – 15/11/2020

SWAN project aims to the development and implementation of dedicated seaplane infrastructures within Ports and other marine areas. The project idea was developed as direct consequence of the lack of fast transportation within the region and takes advantage of previous experiences. The seaplane infrastructures, called water aerodromes, will support the multimodal integration and interconnection of transport modes, particularly the use of amphibious aircraft will enable the direct connection from land to water areas, like Port to Airport or from Port to Port or other remote or tourist areas. The infrastructure will include the realisation of dedicated mini-terminals, providing additional services to passengers, tourists and Inhabitants of the Programme area, providing different type of connections to the destination area, working as a mini-hub for local transport needs and providing also web-based information to the community. The water airport infrastructure will be highly environment-friendly, with simple and removable pontoons, while the operations area in the water area will be developed considering noise-abatement take off and approach path. Furthermore, an extensive flight-testing activity will be performed to guarantee the maximum safety and best efficiency. Inhabitants and tourists of the Programme area will be highly benefited by the water aerodromes and described services. Another important target of the project is to develop and implement a training scheme related to the commercial seaplane handling and management on the water aerodromes. A specific training program will be developed and implemented with reference to successful examples worldwide. The training program will qualify the personnel also to Civil Protection duties.

Port Authority of Corfu

Municipality of Central Corfu & Diapontian Islands

Autorita Di Sistema Portuale Del Mar Ionio

Municipality of Gallipoli

Municipality of Nardo

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