Water Aerodrome of Nardo

Brief Description

The Municipality of Nardò is an Italian municipality of 31.431 inhabitants located in the province of Lecce in Puglia. Nardò is endowed with important cultural, natural and archaeological resources that are strongly attractive and of great interest not only for the region of Puglia. Nardò’s economy is based on agriculture, livestock breeding, handicrafts, construction, industrial production, commerce with characteristic historical shops with typical Salento products, food and handicrafts, and last but not least, tourism, a sector that is very developed on the coast and in the historical centre, thanks, above all to well-known localities such as: Santa Maria al Bagno, Santa Caterina, the regional natural park Porto Selvaggio and Palude del Capitano, Torre Inserraglio. The municipal administration has developed significant skills in the management and enhancement of its rich and valuable cultural, landscape and archaeological heritage. It has a strong and efficient administrative structure, governed by the Mayor, the City Council and a qualified technical structure able to intercept development opportunities and funding at regional, national and European level with 120 employees. It manages the Natural Park of “Porto Selvaggio and Palude del Capitano” and several museums (Museum of Prehistory, Museum of the Aquarium of Salento, Museum of Memory and Hospitality, Museum of the Sea) as well as its castle “Acquaviva d’Aragona”.

Thanks to SWAN project, one of the hydro-superfices envisaged by the project will be built in the Neretina marina, in Santa Maria al Bagno; it consists in the availability of a stretch of water suitable for seaplane flight operations and a landing structure on land, in fact a mini-terminal with a welcome area for passenger reception and information services, offices, first aid and toilets. The latter structure will have a very small impact on the environment (precarious, environmentally friendly structures will be used and will be assembled without cement).


Services that will be offered by the water Aerodromes / Terminals

⦁ Passengers info point
⦁ Seaplane fuel supply
⦁ Seaplane maintenance
⦁ Seaplane docking
⦁ Safety standards & control of passengers, luggage and seaplanes
⦁ Check in desk
⦁ Flights Schedule & available routes
⦁ VIP services
⦁ Seaplane charter services
⦁ Restaurant – café
⦁ WC
⦁ Other


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