Water Aerodrome of Taranto

Brief description

In the heart of the Mediterranean sea, only 172 nautical miles from the main shipping route between Gibraltar and the Suez Canal, in a strategic location along the main trade lanes between Eastern and Western markets, THE PORT OF TARANTO is the ideal port of call for commercial shipping between Europe and the rest of the World, as well as for national and European cabotage and Short Sea shipping.
The Port of Taranto on the north coast of the Gulf of Taranto, is a natural harbour embracing a wide sheltered bay, Mar Grande, and a smaller inlet, Mar Piccolo.
The commercial port and industrial port are situated on the northwest shore of Mar Grande, with the most recent facilities – the container terminal and Pier 5 – just outside the western breakwater.

The port estate covers a total area of 3.250.000 square metres, of which:
• 1.600.000 square metres are operational.
• 1.150.000 square metres on concession.

The quays have a combined length of 9,995 metres, of which:
• 3.410 metres are for common use.
• 6.585 metres on concession.

Year-round operations are possible at all berths thanks to the port’s natural protection and sea defence works, together with a negligible tidal range.

Offered Services
  • Passengers info point
  • Seaplane fuel supply
  • Seaplane maintenance
  • Seaplane docking
  • Safety standards & control of passengers, luggage and seaplanes
  • Check in desk
  • Flights Schedule & available routes
  • VIP services
  • Seaplane charter services
  • Restaurant – café
  • WC
  • other
Weather forecast
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