Water Aerodrome of Paxoi

Brief description

The Water Aerodrome of Paxoi (Gaia Port) was licensed on 9/8/2016 by the competent Ministries of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks and Shipping and Island Policy.

The owner of the license is the “Port Authority of Corfu” and the operating body is the “Northern Ionian Water Airports Ltd.”, in the corporate structure of which the “Port Authority of Corfu” also participates.

The Water Aerdorome of Paxoi is located within the port of Gaios in Paxos together with the necessary facilities.

Offered Services
  • Passenger services
  • Seaplane supply
  • Seaplane services
  • Safety of passengers, luggage and seaplanes
  • Passenger transportation
  • VIP services
  • Flight planning services
  • Seaplane charter services

Weather forecast
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