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The Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontian Islands, cordially invites you on Wednesday, November 15, 2023 at 17:00 to attend the Final Event of the European project SWAN – “Enhancing regional transportation through Sustainable Water Aerodrome Network” co-funded by the Interreg Greece-Italy 2014-2020 programme. The meeting will take place at the Conference Room of the […]

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Interview of the Councillor to Tourism and Territorial Marketing of Nardò Municipality

The Municipality of Nardò is one of the public partners of the Sustainable Water Aerodrome Network (SWAN) project, the first among those engaged to have completed the construction of the ‘waterway’ infrastructure: on July 22, 2022, in a ribbon-cutting ceremony, the Mayor of the town Pippi Mellone unveiled the Santa Maria al Bagno terminal, where […]

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Sustainable mobility and the SWAN project

Sustainable mobility is now a priority worldwide to address both environment and social needs: identifying with it those transport solutions that minimize impact on the environment, foster social and economic well-being, and improve accessibility and safety. Talking about ‘mobility’ includes reference to the transport of people and goods, to the infrastructure connecting places that has […]

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Demo flights with light seaplanes in Corfu, Diapontian Islands and Paxoi – Friday 6/8

The Port Authority of Corfu, in the context of the European project “Enhancing regional transportation through Sustainable Water Aerodrome Network (Swan)” and in collaboration with the Municipality of Nardo (Italy), will participate in the test flights with light seaplanes that will take place in Corfu, Paxos and Diapontia Islands. In particular, on Friday 6/8 several […]

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